The most compact system Ogmint offers. These blend nicely in the brand environment and are easy to set up, move around and are extremely cost effective.

Brandable and customizable
Flexible form factor
Remote UI can run a tablet
Perfect for trying while seating


The OG-Wall is a fully integrated system that allows for larger use and larger display of the experience. It can be directly embedded in a store wall or public place which makes it the most seamless platform.

Large scale
Seamlessly integrated
Perfect for advertising
Support an unattended scenario


We provide solutions for custom systems to answer your every needs. The custom option is made for special requirements and represent great opportunities to innovate.

Fully customizable
Innovation friendly
Unique system
DIY friendly

The DIY option

Assemble your Ogmint system by yourself


Ogmint will provide the right software to set up your augmented reality system.


All the lights, camera, screen and other hardware are easy to assemble and can be set up to your likings.


Ogmint provides premium support along with its systems. We will install all the required software remotely and make sure the experience is perfect.