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Ogmint develops high-end Augmented Reality solutions for the retail markets. Our state of the art software package contains all components to allow the virtual try on of watches and accessories in real-time. The system’s HD screen acts as a mirror which displays the customer with 3D graphics of the watch, while providing an excellent user experience and high realism.

Our Solutions

adapt to your needs

Ogmint systems are made to be incorporated in mono-brand shops, multi-brand shops and public environments such as airports, hotels, events and so on. To cater for these three applications we came up with three beautiful, fully integrated systems.


A simple but powerful augmented reality system that fits perfectly in-store, for a more personal experience and a very convenient format.


A more noticeable option, seamlessly incorporated in a wall screen. Perfect for larger applications such as events and public environments.


We can create specific installations with our custom systems to adapt to any environment and requests. Possibilities for innovation are limitless and it will blend with your brand seamlessly.

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Baselworld Show 2014
‘Wow! That’s amazing!’ That’s the most common expression we have heard on the stand at Baselworld 2014.
Ogmint Founder